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About Me

Shivangi Maniar


I am Shivangi Maniar

An Emotions Coach for Children, Adolescents and Parents, Founder of OTLO and a mother of two. I am on a quest to harness Human Potential through the power of Healing Conversations and Active Listening.

Post motherhood, I gave up the long hours in the corporate circus and my love for children and public speaking made me pick up storytelling as a hobby. After deep deliberation, I realised that positive and constructive interaction with children was my calling. Thus, I opted to undertake a teacher’s training course from the Sriram Foundation. Currently, I am pursuing Masters in Psychology and I am a certified Expressive Movement Therapist.

Books & Publications

With lots of warmth, I present to you my book — Parenting Pickles & Popsicles.

This is not a book I offer. It is pure solace…
Even if you are not there yet, you will get there eventually!

Parenting Pickles & Popsicles - theotlo.com


Welcome to OTLO

A family-centric platform that’s recreating lines of communication between children, teens and parents so that families become a cohesive unit.

The Courtyard of Happiness

OTLO is whatever you want it to be — a place to indulge in conversations, an abode for introspection, an unbiased stress-free space and a safe place that gives you a sense of warmth, joy and belonging the moment you step in. My vision is to share the feeling of health, happiness and healing through OTLO, a feeling similar to the otlo (veranda) of our grandmother’s house, where we can share stories and joy with our family.

OTLO is my attempt to recreate these familial bonds while offering a natural nurturing of mind and body. By offering a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, OTLO aims to bring back conversations to feed the mind, body and soul. After all, the power of community, of conversation, of pure, unadulterated idle chit-chat is strangely healing. It allows us to vent without imploding; share without trolling; laugh without LOLs and emote without icons. They allow us to be real, living, breathing human beings and not cyber puppets in a virtual world.

I truly believe that happy people make a happy world, and I hope that OTLO will give you a dependable companion in your pursuit of happiness and health.

Our Offerings

Mindful Parenting for Busy Professionals

Mindful Parenting for Busy Professionals

(One-on-one coaching)

Eligibility: Age 0 to 10 years

Uncovering the age-wise psychology of the child | Balancing work, home and children | Parenting hacks | Optimising your parenting style, appreciating what works and fixing what doesn’t work

Reparenting the Inner Child Program for Adults

(One-on-one coaching)

Eligibility – Age 18+

Your life story | Connection to the self | Trip down the childhood lane | Your triggers | Brainstorming solutions | Live support

Reparenting the Inner Child Program for Adults
The Power of Emotions

The Power of Emotions - Fun and Creative Programs for Children on Emotional Literacy

(Workshops/ Webinars/ Corporate Programs)

Eligibility – Age 6 to 10

The BIG feelings in my heart | Confidence and public speaking skills | Anger management | Seven habits of highly effective children

Emotionally Empowered Teen: Habit Building Tools & Strategies for a Creating Growth Mindset

(Workshop/ Webinars/ Corporate Programs)

Eligibility: Teens

Self-assurance unlimited | Breaking barriers | Managing identity crisis & building self-esteem | Analysing core beliefs | Affirmations | Grit and growth mindset | Seven habits of highly effective teens | Young leader’s program

Emotionally Empowered Teen
Parenting with Confidence

Parenting with Confidence: Interactive Workshops for Building Resilient Families

(Workshops/ Webinars/ Corporate Programs)

Eligibility: Parents of teens

The brain chemistry of a teen | How to speak so children/ teens listen and listen so children/ teens speak | Understanding the introverted teen | The five languages of love | Gadget addictions and solutions | Communication – talking about Social Media, Drugs and Sex with a teen | Case studies & real-life stories | Group discussions | Weekly personal coaching